• Geelong

Locum services for Xero bookkeeping users, Geelong

When a business owner or staff member is away, Cloud Accounting Fitness Space can look after your business and/or personal  Xero accounts on your behalf, providing total care of these accounts.

These locum services include:

  • Mail collection (both Australia Post-delivered mail and email)
  • Payment of accounts
  • Employee and contractor liaison
  • Payroll services
  • All aspects of Xero bookkeeping
  • Any other task you specify.

Regarding the services just mentioned, Cloud Accounting Fitness Space temporarily holds the place of either you or a valuable member of your team during a short or extended length of leave, allowing a consistent flow of work to be maintained without loss in value to the business.

If you have not yet made the move to Xero bookkeeping, contact us at Cloud Accounting Fitness Space and let us show you how conversion to Xero in Geelong  can provide you with specialist cloud accounting solutions to allow you to run your entire business better and faster.

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