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Three Xero add-ons saving you time and money

February 16 2017

Add ons are the extras that personalise and add more value to your Xero experience.  They can change the way small business owners operate by providing tailored solutions to specific needs. All are designed to benefit business owners by enabling them to – Save Time and Money Provide better service to clients Reduce their admin…

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XeroCon 2016 – Accounting beyond the Cloud

September 15 2016

The CEO and founder of Xero, Rod Drury, said at the last conference that it was the ‘end of the beginning’ and that the product was strategically poised for the future. For those Xero subscribers out there, you will have noticed that Xero has been migrating over some months now to the Amazon Web Services…

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Sick of paperwork? Learn paperless solutions!

July 11 2016

The small business owner’s desk or their glovebox, can easily start looking like a ‘black hole’ for paperwork. All tax receipts seem to strangely disappear into this mountain of unidentified material and are near on impossible to retrieve when needed. If you are sick of handling paperwork or spending countless hours sorting through receipts and…

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Add on a Xero to your business growth

March 17 2016

A healthy business is a growing business. Though you may have started small, your determination and expertise have enabled you to attract more customers so revenue and profits are up. As more and more satisfied customers benefit from your products and services – your wonderful reputation has become your marketing department. But can your current…

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Receipt Bank = paperless and entryless

March 14 2016

Now that your accounts are in the cloud there is a whole new world to explore – the world of over 400 Xero add-ons! Each is a particular software solution created to perform a specific task efficiently and effectively. These tasks range from inventory and debtor management to financial reporting and further to payroll and…

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Xero for Geelong district trades and builders

February 26 2016

Trades and Builders like to keep it simple and don’t like doing bookwork on their weekends. With Xero, tradies have the flexibility to take care of all those receipts and invoicing hassles during lunch or over a morning coffee. It’s that easy and that fast. And all those headaches around BAS times disappear because the…

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Is mobile accounting the perfect solution for tradies?

February 15 2016

Struggling to get your invoicing done because you are always on the road? Do all your receipts end up in one big messy pile to be sorted out one day? Frustrated when it comes to payroll, GST, BAS and tax payments? Running a business as a builder or tradie has its own challenges: always on…

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Six benefits of correct Xero set up

February 2 2016

The team at the Cloud Accounting Fitness Space recommend setting up your Xero file correctly from the beginning. This will save you time, money and eliminate worry and frustration later on. It enables the software to produce the benefits and efficiencies your business requires. We also customise the Xero file for your specific business needs….

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Five benefits of Geelong Xero training

January 27 2016

The Cloud Accounting Fitness Space trainers are Xero Certified Advisors and keen for you to learn how to get the most from your customised cloud accounting solution. Their experience and patience in Xero training enables Geelong business owners to access and manage their software efficiently and effectively. Xero is suited to businesses from naught to…

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7 benefits of bookkeeping in Xero

December 2 2015

Accurate bookkeeping is an essential activity for any business seeking a profitable long-term future. To simplify the collection and maintenance of the business’s financial activities, Xero comes highly recommended. Using Xero as a bookkeeping solution has many benefits; here are seven of them:  Centralised access to financial records Embracing Xero as a bookkeeping solution centralises…

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