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Three Xero add-ons saving you time and money

February 16 2017
Add ons are the extras that personalise and add more value to your Xero experience.  They can change the way small business owners operate by providing tailored solutions to specific needs. All are designed to benefit business owners by enabling them to –
  • Save Time and Money
  • Provide better service to clients
  • Reduce their admin burden and delegate to staff
  • Provide more useful business data than ever before
  • Integrate simply with their Xero file.

 So let’s run through a few of the more popular Xero add ons for Geelong and district businesses:

Workflow Max is an easy-to-use and effective job, time, costing and ?invoice management software tool. It has also been specially designed to reduce the hassles associated with gathering the critical information needed to produce highly accurate quotes. This allows business owners to get on with servicing their clients professionally and without delay.

Timely is a cloud-based appointment scheduling system that takes the guesswork out of this often mismanaged element of quality business service. The software is also capable of handling multiple services, point-of-sale, bookings and repeat bookings. It can be set up to send automatic SMSs and email reminders that have been demonstrated to reduce meeting no-shows by 44%. This advantage alone makes it a real winner in most business owners’ eyes.

Service M8 seamlessly integrates with Xero and allows constant service type businesses to stay in control of their jobs for needs from quote to invoice. Imagine completing invoicing and payments with a simple tap and send!  Service M8 has quickly be?ome a cornerstone for many small business operators, such as plumbers, locksmiths, real estate agents and cleaners.The team at the Cloud Accounting Fitness Space is highly skilled in these Xero add ons and more. They are excellent integrators and enjoy watching the expressions on business owner’s faces change as they realise how much time and effort can be saved by choosing from the huge range of cloud software products available.  Book an appointment to learn more.
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