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Add on a Xero to your business growth

March 17 2016

A healthy business is a growing business. Though you may have started small, your determination and expertise have enabled you to attract more customers so revenue and profits are up. As more and more satisfied customers benefit from your products and services – your wonderful reputation has become your marketing department.

But can your current business model cope with your growth? Are there enough hours in your day to keep up with the bookkeeping and accounting demands now that your micro-business has turned into an SME?

This is where Xero comes into its own. The structure of Xero accounting software caters for the seamless growth of any business from 0 – 200 employees. So though you may have started out with just yourself, your computer and your phone, Xero has been designed to easily accommodate your new staff members, their salaries and holidays as well as all the extra inventory and jobs you’ve taken on. By using simple Xero add-on solutions and making use of the training opportunities provided by the Cloud Accounting Fitness Space, Xero’s cloud-based software can be easily extended to accommodate your business’s growth. It’s scalable.

Best of all, Xero has over 400 add-ons which have been individually tailored for specific tasks in specific industries. So whether you’re a plumber, a farmer, a builder or you run a retail outlet, Xero has the software solution to get your business off the ground and keep it soaring skyward.

Need more information? Book an appointment with Genevieve and the team. They will walk you through the process, use their expert knowledge of Xero to suggest the right add-on for your situation, save your valuable time and train you and your staff to use it efficiently.

The Cloud Accounting Fitness Space and Xero – turning Managers into CEOs.

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