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Yearly Archive: 2015

7 benefits of bookkeeping in Xero

December 2 2015

Accurate bookkeeping is an essential activity for any business seeking a profitable long-term future. To simplify the collection and maintenance of the business’s financial activities, Xero comes highly recommended. Using Xero as a bookkeeping solution has many benefits; here are seven of them:  Centralised access to financial records Embracing Xero as a bookkeeping solution centralises…

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5 more bookkeeping tricks in Xero small business owners love!

October 3 2015

Following on from the popular post 5 bookkeeping tricks in Xero small business owners love! here are five more of my favourite bookkeeping tricks: Up to six people can be assigned to each Contact, and there’s the option to include all the email addresses in emails sent from Xero. This is useful when invoices need…

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5 bookkeeping tricks in Xero small business owners love!

September 23 2015

  The reason why so many people love Xero is there are numerous bookkeeping tricks you can perform in Xero that save time, improve cash flow and generate useable financial accounts that are accurate and up-to-date. Here are five of my favourite: Repeating monthly and weekly invoices and bills can be set to automatically save as draft,…

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Xero add-on solutions will benefit your business in so many ways

June 30 2015

One of the overarching benefits of running your business on Xero is that your core accounting solution can connect with other solutions, so you can have a fully integrated business-management platform that meets your business model’s needs. Xero is built on new technology, incorporating an open application programming interface (API). Sounds very geeky! But, essentially,…

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One day you’ll wonder how you ran a business or led your life without Xero

June 2 2015

If you’re a small business owner, or you work in a small business, and you’ve not reviewed or updated business processes in the last four years, take a few moments to read this, and see if any of the following sounds familiar: Your nights are spent reconciling, and you’re snowed under with paper work. You…

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